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ART TRAILS: Kororoit Creek Shared Trail

A 2km section of the scenic Kororoit Creek Shared Trail features an impressive series of public artworks entitled Spirits of Time and Placed created by Brooklyn artist Geoffrey Ricardo.

The work references the history of Aboriginal life and culture along Kororoit Creek and surrounding areas while also referencing the changes to the manufacturing industry and the urbanisation of Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Threshold, the public artworks by Louise Lavarack stand in two sentinel groups on the banks of the Kororoit Creek further along the Trail, near Barnes Road.

The poles are painted in alternating bands of colour derived from the bark colours of the river red gums that grew along the creek before European settlement. This banded treatment also suggests the now-vanished flood markers that once stood in this location.

From a distance Threshold is visually mystifying, inviting the viewer to move closer in order to understand the source of its intriguing and elusive visual effects. Threshold playfully engages the viewer and honours the nature and history of a particular place.