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Leaps and Bounds Music Festival

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What originally began as a push to back local venues, musicians and business through the quiet of winter, Leaps and Bounds Music Festival continues to nurture our thriving music community, showcasing homegrown talent from up and coming locals, to internationally acclaimed artists alike.

Leaps and Bounds Music Festival brings the warmth that our thriving music community inevitably craves at this time of year, and provides continued support to local artists, venues, and businesses with a smorgasbord of gigs to suit any punter’s palate.

Leaps and Bounds is a venues focused live music festival that specifically showcases homegrown talent and in music venues and music outlets across the City of Yarra. It nurtures the next generation of musicians, celebrates the unique Australian music voice of our musical legends and makes connections for audiences. There are gigs to suit music fans of every genre from electronic to hip hop and jazz to rock, for all age groups and every budget, including many free gigs.

Each July, the Leaps and Bounds Music Festival sets up shop in Yarra’s leading music venues to showcase the bounty of talent of local musicians. The large-scale spectacle gives music lovers the chance to experience the famous Melbourne music scene with hundreds of performances hitting the stage in a plethora of outstanding venues, big and small.

Photo: Bernie Phelan.

ADMISSION: FREE and ticketed events (see website for details)

The Festival is commissioned by Yarra City Council.